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Can we stop with the five monday month every 700 years?

There are 14 possible combinations:
A year can begin on one of 7 weekdays, and the year can be a regular year or a leap year.
Note that the cycle doesn’t repeat on a 14 year basis. Because the year can start on one of 7 days, and a l
eap year comes every 4 years, the cycle is more complicated, but any given year can have its calendar taken from one of the 14 possible calendars.
In a regular (non-leap) year, the year ends on the same day of the week as it starts (2005 started on Saturday, and will end on Saturday) That’s 52 weeks and one day. The next year starts on the next day of the week, and should end on that same weekday. (2006 starts on a Sunday, and ends on a Sunday.)
A leap year will end on the weekday immediately after the weekday on which it starts, and is 52 weeks and 2 days long. (2004 started on a Thursday, and ended on a Friday).
It can be 5, 6, or 11 years before an individual date-day combination comes up again.

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